Waxing Services and FAQ

We carry Relax & Wax No Scream Cream and Get the Bump Outta Here to make your next wax easy-peasy!  
Nervous about your first Brazilian or Bikini Wax? Painful itchy bumps you-know-where have you embarrassed? RELAX! We have the perfect solution! Relax & Wax has two great products to get you through the before and after of waxing! "No Scream Cream" is applied approximately 45 minutes prior to your service to help relieve some of the ouch factor of getting your sensitive areas waxed. "Get the Bump Outta Here" helps alleviate the bumpy and sometimes painful condition known as "ingrown hair". Easily applied daily starting about a week after your wax to help you stay bump free! Great for legs, underarms, backs, bikinis! 

Waxing Services  

Brow, Chin, or Lip $15
Full Face $65
Bikini - just inside panty line $35
Extended Bikini - way inside panty line $50
Brazilian Bikini - no hair there! $75
Back $50
Arm $30
Half-Leg - to knee $35
Full Leg $65
Full Leg With Bikini $85
Chest $35
Stomach $25
Underarm $30

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Waxing FAQ
ALL clients under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent.

Some days you just want to tear your hair out. Other days, you need someone to do it for you!
Seriously, waxing is a great way to remove unwanted hair from just about anywhere on your body - and Emilaine Skincare Studio is just the place do it!
We pride ourselves on our conscientious and discreet approach to hair removal. We use the finest waxes available and pair them with top quality pre- and post-wax products to give you the smooth results you want. We perform bikini and brazilian bikini waxing for women only. We also perform brow, chin, lip, back, chest, arm, underarm and leg waxing for women and men.

Waxing Facts, Fiction, and Somewhat Sensitive Questions
What is the most important thing to know about waxing?
Make sure your hair is long enough! Hair must be at least 1/4-1/2" long in order for the wax to grab it. For some people this means 2 weeks, for others it means 6 weeks of NO SHAVING!
What is Brazilian waxing? 
Only the most popular waxing service in America! Many people are familiar with bikini waxing, which removes pubic and leg hair that would otherwise show when a bathing suit is worn. This treatment involves waxing off all pubic and labial hair from front to back for women. A full Brazilian wax involves the removal of all genital hair. You can also request a variation on the standard Brazilian if you prefer to leave a small amount of hair.
I heard waxing will make my hair grow in faster and thicker! Is this true?
No! Think about this: If waxing could make hair grow back thicker, wouldn't men be lined up to get their heads waxed? Waxing actually removes the hair by the root and sometimes will even weaken the root. Thus, waxing may make the hair finer and sparser with repeated regular waxing. Hormones and other bodily changes can bring on a change in body hair - in both location and amount. Waxing will not change this process.
I am diabetic/had cancer/take medications. Can I still get waxed?
Certain medical conditions also affect your skin. Diabetics may be sensitive to heat and are often more prone to skin bruising and skin lifting. Cancer treatments can make the skin very fragile. Certain medications, including antibiotics and blood thinners are contraindications to waxing. Please call us prior to making an appointment if you have any of these factors or related issues. You may need your doctor's approval before receiving this treatment. 

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